Kutch Embroidery 101 – Basic beginner’s tutorial

For Kutch Embroidery, there are a multitude of tutorials for beginners. So there was not much motivation to post a beginner’s tutorial on this blog, but we had a specific audience request about facing difficulties with getting started with Kutch Embroidery.  This is specially for those who are finding it difficult to get started with Kutch Embroidery. I had initially composed this as a very very long blogpost, but now I am posting this as a downloadable PDF file instead, so that you can refer back to it multiple times whenever you are in doubt.

You can get it here  – https://gumroad.com/l/nEgSPa – And the first 10 people get the download absolutely free! Hurry! 🙂

Happy Embroidering!

Any and all feedback about the tutorial is appreciated!



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